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Favorite Blogs, Podcasts, and Social Media – 2018

Hello friends.

As we wrap up 2018 (someone please explain when that happened?!), I’ve got two fun and simple posts for you! Today I’m sharing some of my favorite blogs, podcasts, and social media accounts that I follow, that are new discoveries for me over this past year. I hope you enjoy, and find some new things for you as well! In my other 2018 favorites post I will share some of my favorite purchases from this past year – so if you are looking for ideas for how to spend your Christmas money, check that out 😉

So here we go, blogs first (because blogs are the best, obviously…)

Minimalist Baker –

Oh friends, this woman is amazing. She has ALL the recipes for our whole foods, plant based life. (And even if you are not whole foods, plant based, check her out anyway!!) Each recipe I’ve made from her site so far is fantastic, her directions are right up my alley because she encourages you to taste and adjust as you see fit – literally the name of my cooking game right there, and her food photography is incredible. I’m sure many of you already know about or follow her blog, because she’s kind of a big deal, but in case  you don’t, here’s my official plug!

Bella Grace Wellness-

I am so grateful for the information that Bella shares on her site. She is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and is a great resource for natural health topics, non-toxic living, and recipes. She runs her own business and provides consultation for health and nutrition concerns as well – you can find more information about that on her site. I definitely recommend checking her out.

The Measured Mom –

I came across this site most recently of the three I’m talking about today, and it has been such a great resource for all the home daycare things! I have 4 littles with me throughout the week who are all on the young end of preschool age. I have loved looking to Anna’s site for lesson plan ideas, printable resources, and activities to go with our read-alouds. She graciously shares SO much information and so many resources! If you have little ones, or teach them, her blog is a great one!

While there are certainly many other blogs I enjoy, these three have been new finds for me this year. What are some of your favorites, or new discoveries, in the blog world?

Okay, moving on to podcasts…

First off let’s just be honest here and say that I’ve become an avid podcast listener this past year. I know – they’ve been around forever and what rock have I been living under… But being so technologically not savvy, it took me an admitted (embarrassing) while to realize (duh!) I can get a podcast app on my phone and enjoy this beautiful (new) world! So now when I’m by myself and busy doing any of the daily things, I’ve got a podcast on. It’s fabulous. I know you all know this, but I’m just glad to have finally joined the club…

That Sounds Fun, hosted by Annie F. Downs

My favorite podcast right now (insert all the heart emojis here)! Annie is stinkin’ incredible and her voice of determined trust in the Lord through all seasons has been a lifeline in my ears the past few months. The guests she has on each week are wonderful and the conversations fun, inspiring, educating, and challenging. I’ve listened to interviews with people I already knew about and respected, and been introduced to others that I’m so glad I’ve met. Please, check out her podcast. I pretty much promise you’ll love it.

She’s also an author and speaker, and her books are on my Christmas list. Stay tuned!

The Lucky Few, hosted by Heather Avis, Mercedes Lara, and Micha Boyett

Oh. Goodness. I wish I could be their best friend. These women are some of the bravest mama’s and their mission is “shifting the narrative” when it comes to Down Syndrome in our culture – advocating for those with different abilities and for them to have the ability to advocate for themselves. Every. Single. Yes. I have a huge place in my heart for the Down Syndrome community and have had the gift of working alongside several 
incredible students who possess that extra chromosome. The first boy I worked with was a scared kindergartner when we met, and his courage and determination, and all I learned from him, have marked me forever. (I’ll find a way to tell that story sometime.) I think of him every time I listen to these women and wish I knew then what they are sharing now. Regardless of your connection to people of different abilities, this podcast is necessary. It will open your eyes, encourage you, and make you better.

The Plant Proof Podcast, hosted by Simon Hill

I have only listened to a few of Simon’s podcasts so far, but I have enjoyed the interviews, information, and sharing of experiences. I can’t say I agree or align with everything discussed – but that’s not really the point. I enjoy the information and the conversations about health awareness and living a plant based lifestyle. If either of those things are of interest to you, definitely check this one out.

Alright, now for some of my favorite social media accounts from this year. 

There are actually quite a few! So I’m going to just list them out for you and give you a really brief explanation – and if you’re interest is piqued go check them out! 

  1. This Gathered Nest – Instagram and YouTube. I adore this family and have been so encouraged by hearing their story.
  2. Ellen Fisher – Instagram and YouTube. Ellen is a great resource for health information and fabulous recipes, and creates beautiful videos!
  3. Grace for the Millers – Instagram and YouTube. I wish I could move to Texas and be their neighbor! They have a beautiful family story.
  4. Sarah Lemkus – Instagram and YouTube. Sarah shares some fun, informative, and inspiring posts and videos.
  5. John Crist – Instagram and YouTube. I know I’m super late to the party here, but this comedian is hysterical!

There you have it friends, a little taste of the things I’ve loved discovering in the internet/media world this year. What are your favorites? Thanks for being with me!

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