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It’s hard to wrap my head around the fact that on this day, two years ago, I looked into his little eyes for the first time. First saw that dimple on his chin. First kissed his tiny cheeks. It seems, simultaneously, as though that just happened last week and he’s been here with us my entire life. Cliche? Completely. True? Absolutely.

I’ve drafted so many versions of this post in my head.

There are just so many things I want to communicate. So many things I want known but don’t know quite how to say. At least not right now. This last year has held so much.

So maybe for today, I’ll just stick with simple. I’ll just tell you what you most need to know about this last year of Liam’s life.

He’s completely amazing.

Liam, here’s what I want you to know, as we look back on this last year and look forward into the next one: You are, as your name declares, a strong-willed warrior. You live that name every single day. You are brave. You don’t give in and you don’t give up. You are joy. You smile and laugh in the most unlikely of circumstances. You are determined. You know what you want and you’ve learned how to communicate it in so many ways. You are a gift I never could have dreamed of receiving.

Liam, you show us what perseverance is. You teach us what it means to trust and believe. You give me a living example of how to let myself rest in the Father’s care, as you find complete peace in our arms.

As we journey together into this next year, here’s what I want Liam to know..

And maybe it’s something you need to hear too. I certainly do.

Our hope is in Him alone. Our God is faithful, He is always working, He loves us more than we could comprehend. Our circumstances have no bearing on that truth. Some of the time the most wonderful truths become solidified in the hardest of seasons. Maybe most of the time.

That’s my prayer for Liam. For us as a family. For you, reading this. That the things of this world that tear at our hearts would lead us straight to Him. There is peace and joy and hope there. And nowhere else.

Liam, this life with you is the best gift. YOU are the best gift. I’m so glad I get to be your mom.

Let’s celebrate TWO!

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  1. Lee Prevost

    My eyes were tearing up before I ever read a word of your post because I was so excited that you were writing it! As I read it, my heart was filled to overflowing with the Father’s Love being poured out through you. Liam’s life has enriched mine in ways that words cannot express. He is truly a Gift from God and will be used for great Kingdom purposes.

    Thanks for sharing him with me! 🥰

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