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I’m Shayla, and this is my little corner of the world where I write about family, health, and education. I love and depend on Jesus. I’m crazy about my family. I enjoy all things related to real food, health, gardening, writing, reading, education, and caring for children.

A little about my life.

I have been married to Jon (all the really good photos you’ll see are thanks to him!)for 8 years, and we’ve already faced a lot of life together in that time. Much of our story and experiences are shared here on the blog. My hope is that our struggles and triumphs connect with the life you’re living too.

A little background about me.

I studied child and adolescent psychology, and worked for 12 years in a school district, providing direct support and consultation for students with social/emotional and behavioral challenges, across a wide spectrum of special needs and backgrounds. After just over a decade in the field it became time to take a step back and find some space in our life for my health and well-being (more about that on the blog too!)I am now blessed to provide child care for several children out of our home, and to spend time researching and writing for Our Hope Grown Life! I created a pen name for myself and started my first (still unpublished…it’s probably better that way…) novel when I was about 9, so you could say writing has been a passion of mine for a long time!

A little about what you’ll find here.

I’ve done a lot of writing over the years, mostly for myself and very little of it shared – so I’m thrilled to have created this space where I can use my love of writing to share my knowledge, experiences, and daily learning with you! You’ll find life stories, health insights and research, information about supporting and caring for children of all needs, and probably a little bit more, here at Our Hope Grown Life. I hope to hear from you, chat about your life, and answer your questions about the topics I write about.

I’d love to connect with you on social media as well! You can find me on Instagram and Facebook, both Our Hope Grown Life. Or just follow the links on my home page!

Thanks for sharing your time with me…It means so much!

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